Spec Work

Projects Just for Fun

Advanced Dry Cleaning

For this project, I wanted to design for a product I actually use and know is a trustworthy product. I’ve used Tide Plus Bleach for years and have had only success with it, so it was an easy choice.

After studying the bottle packaging’s liberal use of color, I decided the image of a rainbow spiral would be the main focus to emphasize that this product is safe on colors.

Since Tide Plus Bleach is an alternative to regular Tide, I decided using the blue color from the Tide logo instead of the orange would further that idea. Finally, I wanted to take Tide Plus Bleach over to Tide Dry Cleaning to create an ‘Advanced Dry Cleaning’ brand that used the same design elements as the advertising.

Butter Bronzer & Highlighter

Physicians Formula is a cosmetics brand that was created by a doctor and focuses on being safe for sensitive skin. In recent years, the brand has become well-known for their ‘Butter’ line of products including bronzer, highlighter, and more.

For this advertising campaign, I wanted to expand on the packaging design and fully embrace the tropical theme. The Butter Bronzer is displayed on leaves within the jungle, while the Butter Highlighter rests inside an open clam shell. The Butter Highlighter ad is also a reference to the particular shade advertised, ‘Pearl’.

The speculative projects on this page are not real work and not commissioned by any client. They are concept work developed solely for my portfolio.